Part I. Componere

Grace Denis

November 30 2019

Componere is a conversation activated by edible elements. 

''Componere'' comes from latin and means "to compost": "com" signifies "with, together" and "ponere" translates as "to place". 

Componere is an endeavor to collectively create a compost of concepts through the sharing of food. The edible elements positioned as notions act as a playful source of transformation. Consumed, they will eventually assimilate within the inside of participants’ bodies. The remnants of the meal brought together by the guests will metamorphose into a soil for new ideas to flourish. 

The tangible and conceptual composts made up during the dinner will host selected ingredients to grow for the second part of Grace Denis’s proposal, Coalesce, taking place in 2020. 

Grace Denis is a multidisciplinary artist born in Los Angeles. She works primarily with the meal as a medium, creating immersive installations that implement sound, photography, and sculpture. Her work addresses the possibility of the meal as a pedagogical tool to explore patterns of cultivation and consumption. Her work engages a tri-temporal reflection, using the present to explore the histories of our food and its implied futures. Grace’s works are site-specific, and often work in collaboration with local farmers practicing organic or biodynamic methods. In conjunction with her creative practice, Grace engages a passion for accessible arts education, and has developed a multitude of non-profit programs in the Los Angeles vicinity.