Fantastic Illusion: A Remix of Complacency

February 17 2019


With Baptiste César, Camille Laurelli, Cécile Serres, Laurence Vauthier, Mélanie Villemot and Alto Clark in partnership with LAP, Simon Zaborski, and someone else.


Fantastic Illusion: A Remix of Complacency is launching a 2019 program of artist-curator-run time-space All the best. The five hours lasting show features 6 time-based artworks reflecting the dry decadence of Sunday afternoon and being an after party of the All the best opening celebration that never took place. 

These controversial creative acts of dissolution combine stillness and the intimation of motion, leading us to the very edge of identifiable form and playfully subverting minimalist concerns. Blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction they simultaneously deconstruct the approach to hyper objects and neo meteriality. 

As the revolutionary Vladimir Lenin stated, the issue of quotes found on the internet is that we don’t question their authenticity. Fantastic Illusion: A Remix of Complacency springs from a belief that interesting art creates forms whose particular character and delineation raise questions. The heterogeneity of post-media conditions is revealed in this immersive happening that explores the limits of anthropocene, cyber-feminism, and the meta-octopus issue. A spiritual and intellectual quest situated between disciplines and experiences will challenge different ways of seeing, perceiving and being with others.

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