April 7 2019


With Estelle Delesalle, Juliette-Andréa Elie, Florencia Grisanti, Marie-Luce Nadal, Lei



A proposal of Lei Saito


A discussion of five that started a long time ago, and one could see no end to it. This is a talk about vanity, the one that is a synonym of smoke in some languages. This is a reflection on evaporated vanity. It is about seizing smoke. It is about evanescence. It is about bringing evidence. It is about performing disappearance. It is about manifesting presence. It is about conservation for no specific reason. It is about hoping. It is about letting a psyche out of material dimension and trying to catch it and put it into a bottle. It is about checking the weather forecast every second while the weather, as such, doesn’t exist anymore. It is about living in a steam room. It is about smelling roses with no odor. It is about having dinners with pharaohs. It is about experiencing sweetness that makes you fall asleep. It is about wearing windy landscapes, being a completely empty, hollow form, letting the wind come in and out. It is about trying to escape, because in some sense we are all mouses swallowed by a boa.

Photo by Jakob Liu Wächter - de Zordo